WI AGM Meeting 1st April

Well, here we are into our 101st year of Alnmouth WI and still going strong.  Quite an achievement for what began in our village all those years ago starting in Canada in 1897, followed by Wales in 1915 then the first County Federation – Sussex in 1917 and of course Alnmouth in 1918.

I doubt those wonderful ladies thought for one minute we would blossom over the years into the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the U.K.  Actually, looking at the original pictures of the first committee of our WI, they look as if they could take on the world! When you see what they accomplished they certainly had ‘grit’.

WI Business

Janis welcomed all members including Marjorie Read, our W.I. Adviser who took over the Annual Meeting when ordinary business was concluded. Pam and Janis went through ‘Matters Arising’ covering the first Walking Group arrangements with a healthy number are setting forth on their first adventure; followed by the results of the Resolutions which will go forward to the National Annual Meeting, this year in Bournemouth.  Usual business was kept to a minimum as Marjorie was waiting to start the Annual Meeting  so after going through A.O.B. and just before the serious side of our meeting,

How Hard It Is to be a Woman 

To lighten the mood,  5 members had put a little sketch together,  so with a quick introduction ‘Les girls’ strutted on to the stage and proceeded to tell us ‘HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A WOMAN’  with appropriate words and actions and of course. As it was a purely female audience the words were much appreciated.

Janis introduced our Treasurer, Claire, who conducted the presentation and adoption of the Financial Statement.  The President then asked for a seconder followed by a show of hands adopting the statement.    Pam our Secretary, gave the committee’s Annual Report, followed by Celia, giving an excellent brief resume and slide show of our Centenary Year and finally, before handing over the meeting to Marjorie, Janis, our President, gave an excellent address before the adoption of the Annual Report.

Marjorie took over the meeting and before ‘the secret ballot’ she gave a hilarious talk which we all thoroughly enjoyed as she is quite a W.I. Adviser!   The voting began for this year’s President in the usual way, Marjorie giving out slips of paper on which we secretly put out choice and we were all delighted that Janis will be with us for another year as ‘Head Girl’ . We have some change-overs this year within the general body of committee members as Pam Muggleton our Secretary, has decided to hand her ‘notes’ on and Kathryn Archibald will be filling her shoes.  Joan Davidson is also retiring. Both Pam and Joan have been on the Committee for a number of years; Pam as an excellent Secretary and Joan doing the Monthly Meeting report and whatever else came along. We wish them well in their ‘retirement’.

2019 Committee 

Our Committee for 2019 is:  President -Janis Crook; Secretary – Kathryn Archibald; Treasurer Claire Smith

Committee Members: Ann Coyne, Caroline Martin, Celia Collinson, Di Spark, Ethel Cook, Kathryn Brunton, Kris Rogerson, Margaret Reece, Sue Wildsmith and Judith Williams

Supper Thanks

As it was our 101 birthday, our caterers and their helpers did a superb supper for us. The surprise of the evening was 6 Birthday Cakes – delicious homemade Victoria sponges carried in under dimmed lights decorated with sparklers whilst we all sang Jerusalem. 

It was quite a start to the next 100 years.

Post Meeting Addition

We wondered why one of our gifted members, Judi Hill he wasn’t at the meeting. We were sad to learn that she unexpectedly passed away on the 1st April. Judi was a very active member and who always had something up her sleeve for ‘Members Night’.  She will be much missed by all her knew her as she was involved in many organisations in the village.  Our thoughts are with Judy’s family at this time.