WI Meetings January & February 2019

We are really into our winter now, as it is extreme temperatures outside; didn’t stop our members though as we really had a good turn-out for what proved to be an excellent evening – more on that later.

I must apologize for this being the first report of 2019 of our W.I. as unfortunately I missed the January Meeting, like a lot of others, not being up to scratch to face the elements, which caused me unfortunately to miss a great evening; Members Night organised by our Programme Secretary, Celia Collinson.    I believe before the various Workshops started Celia gave a resume by Power Point covering all our comings and goings from March 2018 to date, and as it included our 100th Birthday it was quite an achievement by Celia as, of course, there had been a lot going on in celebration of this momentous Alnmouth W.I. event.   We certainly appreciate all the efforts Celia made – greatly appreciated by your fellow members.

We started our February meeting in the usual way, with a warm welcome from Janis and Pam, our President and Secretary respectively, and going through various invitations from local W.I.s including looking ahead to the Hotspur Group Meeting in October, which this year is at Alnwick Rugby Club, also mentioning the ‘dreaded’ election of a new committee.  There was quite a bit of interest shown so hopefully some new members will come on board for the coming year.  One or two subs are still outstanding so Claire, our Treasurer, made a gallant effort to remind members who haven’t paid that they will lose their membership if subs aren’t paid by the end of the financial year.  Under A.O.B.  it was also put forward by a member that a ‘slower paced walking group’ be formed. Janis finished off with a notice of our next ‘Informal’ Coffee Morning, which this time will be at ‘Scott’s Deli’ on Thursday the 21st February starting at 10.00.   Our Speaker, Dr. Ray Lowry, who had quietly been observing our meeting, was then introduced by Janis, his subject being ‘Funny Bones & Wisdom Teeth’.

He introduced himself as The Public Speaking Doctor and what a ‘Speaker’ he is; he had us rolling in the aisles.  I cannot really do him justice, describing him as a retired Medical Practitioner and qualified dental surgeon as his career covered many things.  He was a script writer for The Two Ronnies, Ted Ray, Bernard Manning, Tommy Cooper, John Cleese, Dave Allen and so many numerous famous people, and it’s not hard to understand as he just stands there and says how he sees the world.  He is now 67 and lives in Tynemouth with his wife and seems to be very involved still with his ‘After Dinner Speeches’, among many other things; he was just a tonic.   Actually if you put his name in Google, it will give you the full picture of this amazing person, well worth looking him up.   Janis thanked him on all our behalf for an excellent evening, just what we needed on a winter’s night like Monday past – a very good laugh.

The Birthday girl was Laraine Jobson and then of course, we had a very good cup of tea accompanied by lovely scones and delicious Victoria Sponge cake – all produced and made by our in-house Catering Team.

Next month our subject will be “Strange Tales and Ghostly happenings in Northumbria” – sounds perfect for a dark winter evening.

Meeting Report by Joan Davidson