Our Centenary Year 2018

Alnmouth WI Centenary Plaque

In 2018 Alnmouth WI celebrated 100 years since its formation. Members gathered to plant a centennial oak tree beneath Bracken Hill, Alnmouth, to commemorate  the centenary and the organisation whose founding values, ‘Fellowship, Truth, Tolerance and Justice’ , have endured for decades and whose membership has gone from strength to strength.

2019 Reflections

In December 2019, Joan Davidson gathered together ‘Reflections’ from members past and present to compile  a booklet and memorial archive for the organisation.  Every current Member received a copy – and extracts from the booklet are included on this website.

An Introduction by Janis Crook 

“I have had the honour and privilege of being President  for the last 5 years and am glad to say that membership has grown and our branch is thriving. But what makes this Women’s Institute keep thriving?

As I look back over the archives and my time, I really do not think the basics have changed. Of course we do not wear stays, wear long dresses, address each other formally, wear hats to meetings and write the Minutes in a book… any more. Women now have the vote, are smashing through the glass ceiling and the World Wide Web has given us access to everything . Yet we still need: 

  • Friendship with each other, a casual hello or welcome to strangers
  • Caring and support for all
  • Learning – not just from talks and presentations – but from each other in every day conversations 
  • Laughter- with each other and at the situations we find ourselves in (including dancing with fans or feather boas.

I genuinely believe this Women’s Institute has all of this in abundance and is why it has survived for a hundred years. Keep this in mind – we are definitely not just Jam and Jerusalem!

My love to you all.” 

Janis Crook – President December 2019.